August 1, 2004: Results of the First User Survey

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August 1, 2004

Press Contact:

Pamela Green

(610) 642-6550

Getting to Know You

Over 13,000 visitors to the web site completed our first user survey between February and July 2004. Many thanks to all those who participated!

The information we gathered will help us determine our priorities and create new programs to better serve our users' needs.

Survey results

Information about visitors

Female 96%
Male 4%
40-49 32%
50-59 27%
30-39 17%
18-29 11%
60-69 8%
under 18 and over 70 2% each
Geographic location:
International 23%
United States 77%*
*Top 9 states in the U.S. (accounting for nearly 40% of visitors to the site): California, New York, Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey
Reason for visiting the site:
Person diagnosed with breast cancer 50%
Person worried about breast cancer 18%
Caregiver or loved one of someone with breast cancer 14%
Healthcare provider 3%
The remaining 15% are a combination of two or more of these categories
Of those diagnosed with breast cancer:
In treatment 42%
Out of treatment 28%
Just diagnosed 20%
Just finished treatment 10%
Of those out of treatment:
1-5 years 51%
Less than a year 36%
6-10 years 8%
More than 10 years 5%

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