February 20, 2007: Breastcancer.org Hosts Online Conference Discussing Cancer and Caregivers

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Experts address questions from partners and loved ones of people with breast cancer; offer advice on how to avoid 'caregiver burn-out'


February 20, 2007

Press Contact:

Pamela Green


(610) 642-6550


When a loved one is diagnosed with breast cancer, husbands, children, parents, and other family members and friends all assume a new role throughout diagnosis, treatment, and recovery. In an effort to provide the best breast cancer information and support, Breastcancer.org, the most highly trafficked breast cancer site on the internet, will host an online Ask-the-Expert Conference to discuss the role of partners, loved ones, and caregivers of people with breast cancer during breast cancer treatment.

The Ask-the-Expert Online Conference—hosted at www.breastcancer.org next Wednesday, February 21st at 7:00 PM EST—will discuss the pivotal role caregivers play in sustaining hope, assisting with treatment, and lifting up spirits. Serving in this capacity—especially to a loved one—can sometimes be a taxing and stressful experience, and caregivers require special attention and support.

"Caregivers play a tremendously important role throughout treatment, both mentally and physically," says Dr. Marisa Weiss, founder and president of Breastcancer.org. "The responsibility of caring for someone else's health and boosting morale can be overwhelming. Breastcancer.org provides a special online source of community to guide loved ones who are unsure of their new feelings, roles, and responsibilities."

The conference experts also will also address the necessity for caregivers to take care of themselves in order to better care for patients. "Family and loved ones tend to overextend themselves in caring for and supporting the person with breast cancer, resulting in frustration and burnout. But there are ways to avoid it," says Dr. Weiss. "During the conference, we will highlight ways in which family and friends can reduce their risk of experiencing caregiver burnout, and how they can help others navigate life during and after cancer treatment."

Online Ask-the-Expert Conferences are held monthly at Breastcancer.org. The site also provides critical medical information to empower people going through breast cancer treatment.

Relevant sections include: "You and Your Partner," "Quality of Life," and "Helping a Friend after a Mastectomy," as well as information on how to talk to kids about breast cancer, dealing with breast cancer fears, and practical advice on nutrition and complementary medicine techniques that may improve overall wellbeing. Breastcancer.org also features discussion boards to provide support and a cyber community.

Breastcancer.org is the premier internet source for responsible, accurate medical information and visual images about breast cancer, and assists in identifying breast cancer patients and survivors who want to share their story with the media. The site helps women at every step along the way, including explaining medical terms, detailing treatment options, guiding possible questions for the next doctor's visit, providing suggestions for strengthening critical doctor-patient relationships, and describing more about new scientific discoveries. Each year, more than 8 million people visit Breastcancer.org to access over 3000 pages of original, peer-reviewed medical content and illustrations on every aspect of breast cancer.


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