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BCO ladies take a group photo at lunch at George's Restaurant in Long Beach, California on June 3, 2014

Left to right: _ann_ (in black), badger (behind), hbcheryl (in front of badger), ruthbru, kindergarten, SlowDeepBreaths, 2nd_time_around, whippetmom, and sweetandspecial

This 2010 survivor group met on the June 2010 boards and their friendship is still going strong!

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The "California Dreamin’" group eats out on June 2, 2014 in Culver City, CA at the historic and beautiful Culver City Hotel.

Left to right: ruthbru, sweetandspecial, badger, a friend, and hbcheryl

These fit and fabulous ladies from the "Let's post our daily exercise" group met for a "Sweat" class at Curl Fitness in Newport Beach, California on June 3rd, 2014.

Left to right: _ann_, badger, Eduardo (the fitness instructor), ruthbru, sweetandspecial, and hbcheryl (in front)

Lunch with the ladies on April 26, 2014.

Left to right: Pawprint, Salina888, grammakathy and 2nd_time_around

BCO sisters on September 11, 2013

veggy and FireKracker in PA

Say "cheese!"

Renee and Alyson

"Which camera do I look at?!"

crazy4carrots and Alyson

Toronto, Canada ladies having fun times on September 21, 2013.

From left to right: mamglam, Alyson, lassie11 and hrf

Northwest USA ladies get together for a meal on September 29, 2013.

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BCO lunch bunch get together in San Diego, CA on April 6, 2014.

“We have no schedule or agenda, we just enjoy each other’s company” – SoCalLisa.

Taken at the Miramar café in San Diego.
Back row: _ann_, BHD, Donnabelle, sylviag, guitarGrl, SoCalLisa, Marge, Adnerb
Front row: bonnid, and SoCalLisa

San Diego, CA area lunch bunch on August 26, 2012

From left to right:
Back row: SoCalLisa, ALittleBitBritish, Shirlann, bonnid
Front row: guitarGrl, Marge

BCO lunch bunch sisters on February 23, 2014.

From left to right:
Back row: Solen, BMD, Mary, hbcheryl, guitarGrl, sylviag
Front row: Donnabelle, SoCalLisa, Adnerb

BCO lunch bunch, January 19, 2014.

From left to right:
Back row: Mary, Solen, sylviag, meliaanne, BMD, Marge, guitarGrl, Adnerb
Front row: SoCalLisa, bonnid, 2nd_time_around

San Diego, CA lunch bunch ladies out together on December 15, 2013.

From left to right:
Back row: sylviag, Shirlann, BMD, bonnid, SoCalLisa
Front row: guitarGrl, hbcheryl, _ann_

More from the San Diego, CA ladies on January 8, 2012.

In this picture the ladies are celebrating 5 years of meeting up!

From left to right: guitarGrl, Shirlann, jeanne46, SoCalLisa

San Diego, CA ladies get together on February 10, 2013.

From left to right: Marge, guitarGrl, Shirlann, SoCalLisa, bonnid, Deborah (bonnid's daughter)

Our New Zealand members meet in October 2011.

chrissyb in the middle, and Alyson on the right.

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BCO buddies visiting in Denver, CO, October 2011

chrissyb poses with a friend.

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Our BCO members in San Antonio, TX in October 2011.

From Aussie member chrissyb’s trip to the USA.

“To those who travelled to meet me at each of the gatherings, I am so glad you did as I really loved meeting each and every one of you. You have all created memories that will sustain me for a long time to come and it's really nice to be able to put a real personality to the avatars I see here on BCO” - chrissyb.

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New Jersey, CA meet-up in October 2011.

From left to right: chrissyb, Dotty, Kay1963, reesie, and Hauntie.

October 2011 in San Diego, CA.

chrissyb visits the San Diego crew!

From left to right: hbcheryl, guitarGrl (in pink), chrissyb (in white), Shirlann, SoCalLisa

Ladies from the "New York, New York’" thread on November 22, 2009.

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July 2013 survivors, Iowa City, IA.

Michelle ("Mcook301") was running in the Million Dollar Marathon so some of the gals came to cheer her on! These ladies spent three fun filled days together.

From left to right: Luanne ("shianne29), Joanne ("Joanne_53"), Christine ("Scottiee1"), Mary ("Maryah930"), Sheila ("SwgeeWi"), and Aimee ("iatigger")

BCO sisters from the NJ thread in Tarantella restaurant in Clark, NJ on May 9th, 2012.

“We spent the afternoon hearing stories and getting to know each other without our computers! It was a wonderful time; I’m still in contact with many of the women in the photo” – Karmil710.

Members include: Carla ("citykitty"), Iris ("proudtospin"), Rachel ("rachelvk"), Joan ("JoanQuilts"), Betsy ("bdavis"), and Karen ("Karmil710")

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Florida Gal Pals meet on July 28th, 2012.

These ladies met up at the Cheesecake Factory, Tampa, Florida International Plaza.

Left side: SpecialK, MondaysChild, DLL66 Right side: Shells43 (in light blue), Lee7, kira1234, Galsal.

Our lovely members from the Florida Thread meet.

Standing from left to right: Elaine ("choca1711"), Terri ("terricarolyn"), Ann (auriga's mom), Kathy ("auriga"), Karen ("kdeit"), Debbie ("faithandfifty"), and Barbara ("hipchik47")

Seated: Jackie (not a BCO member, but a survivor), Marsha ("marshakb") and Cathy ("CatFL")

Sisters from the "New England States" thread posted this picture on June 28th, 2009.

From left to right: KAK, NaughtybyNature, Leahrc, elliem1207

The first New England get together in Springfield, taken on May 4, 2008.

Back row from left to right: Pegk, NbN, Pat (Emelee’s mom), Jean (sweetmelissa’s mom), JiLilliput, Lynne, LorenaB, drw, sweetmelissa, and Lynn12.

Front row from left to right: Emelee26 (and Brett), Jorf, Leahrc, florencedonna, and Sylvia (drw’s mom)

The ladies of the "Philly Get Together" thread hang out in PA.

Left to right: Nancy, Marie, Sandy, Beth, and Shelley.

This photo was taken in Baltimore, Maryland on March 10, 2010

Posted by Jaimieh.

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This photo, posted by PatMom, includes the Northern New Jersey sisters congregating on October 23, 2009

From left to right: Shellyr25, MBCR, Desny, Patmom

BCO member Rebecca posts this beautiful photo from a February 2008 New Jersey get together.

Some members include: Jacki, Pat and Karen

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The BCO ladies march on Washington, July 2013.

From left to right: patoo, NatsFan, ruthbru, odie16, badger, hbcheryl, and Wonderland

"Leaving our hearts in San Francisco," June 2014

Front row: sweetandspecial, patoo, dazedandconfused, badger
Back row: ruthbru, exbrnxgrl, NatsFan, hbcheryl

The first "Let's Post Our Daily Exercise" thread get-together in Minneapolis, MN, USA October, 2011.

From left to right: hbcheryl, ruthbru, badger, patoo, with Mary Tyler Moore.

Some of the Daily Exercise and Illinois thread ladies met up for dinner in Chicago, IL, USA, July 2012.

Sitting: Adey, ruthbru, hbcheryl
Standing: CorrineM1, badger, lago

Inland Empire of Southern California BCO Sisters' Third Gathering, Olive Garden, Moreno Valley, CA, USA, June 14, 2014

Left to right: SheChirple, Sandi (chachamom’s friend), Salina888, chachamom, 2nd_time_around, Pawprint, and grammakathy

Inland Empire of Southern California BCO Sisters' 4th meet-up, September 20, 2014, Miguel's, Dos Lagos, CA, USA

Left to right: 2nd_time around, Pawprint, and grammakathy friends celebrate in Orlando, FL, USA!

From left to right: Spookiesmom, Chevyboy, and sas-schatzi

2nd annual reunion of 2013 Survivors, Selkirk, Ontario, Canada

From left to right: Luanne ("shianne29), Sheila ("SwgeeWi"), Aimee ("iatigger") Joanne ("Joanne_53"), Mary ("Maryah930"), and Christine ("Scottiee1")

BCO San Diego Lunch Bunch gathers again!

San Diego Lunch Bunch plus Cheryl's BCO exercise group.

The Gals "Down Under!"

Alyson, Rae, Chrissy, Tammy, Anette, Auckland NZ.

San Diego Lunch Bunch

September 2013 Chemo Thread meets up in Las Vegas, Nevada on October 11, 2014!

Front row: Alfranco, Audra67, Simplelife4real

Back row: Runningfromcancer, kjsimpson, Lighthouselady, Kbeee, Betterday

Smaarty and feelingfeline bridge the 6,000 mile gap between them!

Smaarty traveled to Ireland from California and met up with feelingfeline at The Irish National Stud in County Kildare, Ireland where they had lunch and took the tour of the horse breeding facility and gardens on August 17, 2015.

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