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Chemo Cozy

Our women's fleece jackets are stylish and help make the process of chemotherapy easier. Our warm and soft fleece has concealed zippered openings to make it easy to access ports and PICC lines without disrobing. There are also inside pockets for infusion pumps, if needed. Not only will you be cozy during treatment, you'll look good too! Great for gifts, and we'll even gift wrap! $10 from your pink jacket purchase benefits! Enter code BCO10 at checkout.

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CureDiva: Lymphedema Sleeves

CureDiva, a one-of-a-kind shopping experience, is the first ever personalized lifestyle shop for women facing breast cancer. CureDiva offers women diagnosed with breast cancer the comfort and care solutions they need during their breast cancer experience.

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SleekSleeves Arm Band

SleekSleeves Arm Band for PICC Line Bandage Cover. Cover your PICC line dressing in unique, fun fabrics that help you look good and feel better. Soft and smooth, our fabrics slide on to give you a hug of light compression and a sleek appearance. Washable and durable, SleekSleeves come in many prints and solids to complement your style and keep you looking fresh and fashionable.

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The Shower Shirt

The Shower Shirt is a post-surgical, anti-microbial, water-resistant garment designed by a breast cancer patient after being told by her physician that showering and/or bathing after surgery was not permitted for 2-3 weeks or until her post-surgical drains were removed. The water-resistant Shower Shirt keeps drain sites dry and pockets in the Shower Shirt support the weight of the drains. The Shower Shirt is designed for use after any breast surgery requiring drains. 10% of proceeds will be donated to $85

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