Cut hair before chemo?

Question from Donna: I'm starting chemo next week. I know I will lose my hair. My hair is long; should I cut it now and can I use my own hair for a wig? If so, who can help?
Answers - Jennifer Griggs If you cut your hair before it falls out, many professional wig makers will be able to style you a natural-looking wig with your own hair. You can also have a ponytail or bangs made from your own hair to wear under a hat or scarf.

You might be amazed at the quality of the wigs you can get without using your own hair. This can save you hundreds and hundreds of dollars. I would recommend that you speak with a nurse at your treatment center about people s/he may have worked with in the past. Women with very long hair have also donated their hair before it falls out to an organization that makes wigs for children. The organization is called Locks of Love.

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