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More Evidence That Strenuous Exercise Reduces Risk

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A study reinforces the findings from a very similar study reviewed on Feb. 21, 2007: regular, strenuous exercise can lower your risk of breast cancer. The study reviewed here is important because it was very large. More than 110,000 women were followed for about seven years to see whether they developed breast cancer. The women's exercise routines also were recorded.

The Feb. 21 study was retrospective. This means that women already diagnosed with breast cancer were asked to remember their past exercise habits.

When it comes to exercise, more seems to be better. A significant reduction in breast cancer risk requires:

  • a substantial weekly time commitment (five or more hours per week)
  • a strenuous routine (lap swimming, aerobics, running, kickboxing, etc.)
  • a regular routine that's done for years

This amount and level of exercise sounds like a lot, and it is. The trick is to find a routine that works with your schedule, then stick with it. Make sure you like the exercise you're doing and the place at which you do it. For example, if you don't like gyms or being around people when exercising, then a group exercise class probably isn't for you.

To learn more about the role of exercise and a healthy lifestyle in lowering your risk of breast cancer visit the Breastcancer.org Breast Cancer Risk Factors: What You Can Do to Lower Risk section.

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