Annual Doctor Visits Lead to More Cancer Screening

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Regular check-ups with your primary care doctor are an important part of your healthcare. If you're over 40, routine screening mammograms are also an important part of your healthcare. Mammograms can save lives by finding breast cancer as early as possible, but only when they're done as recommended.

A study shows that regular visits to a primary care doctor helped women get routine mammograms on time. Primary care doctors can help women understand the importance of breast cancer screening and can help women remember to schedule mammograms as recommended.

If you already have a primary care doctor, check with a staff member to see when your next routine visit should be. If you don’t have a primary care doctor, find one and schedule an appointment. A family doctor or an internal medicine doctor is a good choice. An OB/GYN doctor also can be good for primary care. Still, some OB/GYNs recommend that you have a different primary care doctor to manage your general health. Relatives, friends, neighbors, and your local hospital or health center all can help you find a primary care doctor who is good for YOU.

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