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Cigarette Smoking at Young Age Ups Risk

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The fluid in the breasts of women who smoke contains many of the same cancer-causing substances found in tobacco smoke. This fact led scientists to suspect that smoking could increase breast cancer risk. Earlier research suggests that smoking may increase breast cancer risk.

Researchers looked carefully at the link between breast cancer risk and smoking in YOUNG women. This hadn't really been done before. The researchers found that smoking BEFORE childbearing years appears to increase the risk of breast cancer later in life. There wasn't a link between breast cancer risk and smoking later in life. This may be because breast cells are still developing in adolescents and younger women; those developing cells may be more susceptible to cancer-causing substances entering the body from smoking.

The health risks of smoking at any age are real and substantial. It’s a straightforward choice for you, your daughters, your sisters, and your friends. If you don't smoke, don't start. If you do smoke, begin a program to quit. This choice has everything to do with your health, including breast health.

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