Exercise Boosts Self-Esteem During Chemo

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Chemotherapy's side effects may discourage some women from starting or sticking with that treatment. A study showed that women who did regular aerobic exercise (brisk walking for example) or regular resistance exercise (using weights to develop strength) during chemotherapy had better self-esteem and better fitness than women who didn't exercise during chemo.

The researchers also found that the women who did resistance exercises were more likely than those who didn't to complete the full course of chemotherapy.

This study didn't show that exercise gave women getting chemotherapy an improved sense of well-being during treatment. But other research has shown that regular exercise during breast cancer treatment can improve both physical AND emotional well-being during and after treatment.

If you're being treated for breast cancer, try to make exercise, as well as a healthy diet, part of your daily routine. Think of exercise and a healthy diet as important parts of your treatment plan to help you recover and stay healthy.

Talk to your doctor about how much and how often you should exercise. Find the right exercise routine for YOU and then do your best to stick with it. It can make a difference both physically and mentally, today and tomorrow.

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