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Link Between Coffee and Tea (Caffeinated and Decaffeinated) and Risk

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A very large study found that caffeinated drinks and foods such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, and chocolate didn't increase breast cancer risk among nearly 86,000 women followed for more than 22 years. The researchers also found no link between breast cancer risk and decaffeinated coffee and tea.

Because coffee, tea, and soft drinks are very popular, these results are probably reassuring to many women. It's important to remember that the study only looked at breast cancer risk. Consuming large amounts of caffeine is associated with several health problems, including acid reflux, hypertension, and insomnia.

These results come from an important long-term study called the Nurses' Health Study. In this study, the researchers followed the personal health histories of many people over a very long period of time. This type of research can help doctors make associations between diet, lifestyle, and health factors and the risk of health problems and diseases such as breast cancer. The large number of people in the study and the long period of time they were followed make the results very credible.

While your caffeine intake doesn't seem to affect your risk of breast cancer, there are a number of diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices that can lower your risk. Learn more in the Breastcancer.org Lower Your Risk section.

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