Exposure to toxins during breast development?

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Question from Debbie: Please tell me more about breast development and exposure to toxins as I heard on NPR. I work as a breast sonographer and mammographer.
Answers - Marisa Weiss During the time of breast development, when the organ is being formed, the newly developing breast cells are very sensitive to any kind of insult. So it is particularly important during pregnancy for the mother to avoid exposures that might affect the health of the breast. But only a little bit of breast tissue is made while the baby is developing in utero. Most breast development occurs between the ages of 8-18, and even into your early 20s. So what you're eating, drinking, breathing, and the products you're using become the building blocks. Girls are laying down the foundation of their future breast health. I believe it's important to avoid extra hormones from medication or food during this time. For example, use organic sources of beef and dairy products. It’s also important for girls to avoid exposures to synthetic hormones such as bisphenol-A which can be present in our everyday products. Avoid buying food in cans because the can lining contains BPA. Instead, buy your food fresh or dried or in jars. Give your daughter a stainless steel or Lifefactory glass water bottle. It's very important for girls to stay athletic because that will improve their health overall and may help them delay earlier-than-normal onset of puberty. Girls and women should avoid unnecessary radiation. The first test that should be considered should be an ultrasound that does not involve radiation. Everyday products like moisturizers and fragrances should first be checked out at www.safecosmetics.org. Our girls should not be drinking alcohol, and when they go off to college or their first job it's important to encourage them to limit their alcohol consumption. You can also refer to my book, Taking Care of Your “Girls," which is available at Amazon (including many used copies for cheap).

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