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In this section, you can read about topics such as eco-friendly gardening, as well as shopping for and preparing the healthiest meals for you and your family.

Why Join a CSA?

Participating in a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a wonderful way to support and enjoy local food. When you purchase a “share” – like a membership – at a local farm, you receive a box of fruits and vegetables every week during the farming season.

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Find True Green: Learn What to Watch Out for When Shopping Eco Labels

Whether shopping for food, clothing, or household products, more and more consumers are demanding environmentally sound and healthful products. Across the globe, companies are working to comply. But how do you know which products are the real deal and which are just wrapped in brown paper and convincing marketing claims?

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Why Go Organic for Earth Day and Every Day?

As both a nutritionist and a mother of two children, I believe that one of the most powerful levers you can press in the food system on Earth Day to promote a healthier planet is to buy organic foods. Evidence of the positive ripple effect of organic agriculture to promote cleaner soil, air, water, and healthier communities continues to grow. I’ve shared some of them below.

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Some 'Natural' Food Just Isn't Natural

If you reach for foods labeled “natural,” don’t be fooled. You might be filling your cart with the very foods you’re trying to avoid. Would you believe foods labeled “natural” can contain high-fructose corn syrup and be made with artificial hormones, synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, and genetically modified organisms?

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Resolve to Know Your Food in 2012

We all know the saying – you are what you eat. Well, today, with the vast spectrum of food choices, this saying is truer than ever. Yes, we are what we eat…and while I am no psychic, a quick glance in your fridge (this includes the freezer) and I can predict a great deal about who you are today…and who you will become. Here are some of my predictions.

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Hostess Gift Idea - Spiced Apple Pancake Mix

I pack up a single recipe of dry ingredients in a Mason jar, tie a recipe card around it with festive ribbon, and include a jar of my homemade organic apple sauce or the pure New Hampshire maple syrup that my Dad bottles every spring. A wholesome, easy-to-prepare breakfast is a welcome respite from post-party clean up.

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Girl Talk on a Serious Subject: Sheila and Sarah Discuss Cancer and Prevention

Sheila Hollender and Sarah Finnie Robinson are great friends and fellow moms. They’re both working hard on environmental health issues — Sheila for the Breast Cancer Fund and SHE (Sustainable Health Enterprises), which won the Curry Stone award for organic feminine care products, and Sarah at Practically Green, a new company that motivates people to take efficient and eco-friendly actions. Earlier this month they got together for a conversation about cancer basics they want to share with everyone.

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Healthy Home and Office: Living Toxic Free

However, reducing chemical exposure goes beyond eating organically or using organic personal care products. Entire homes and offices are potential toxic bubbles surrounding you with unsafe chemicals 24/7.

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Racing for the Cause

Communities nationwide are bringing women together from all walks of life to "race for the cure" for breast cancer. Racing for the cure is a worthy cause. I know. I've endured that fearful diagnosis myself. I watched my mother die from the disease, plus her two sisters and too many friends and acquaintances to count. If only we had run faster for that elusive cure. Or maybe we should rethink the direction we're running and take Warren Porter's advice to "race for the cause."

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