Ask-the-Expert Conferences: Your Diagnosis

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In these Ask-the-Expert Conference transcripts, you can read professionals’ answers to questions about the diagnostic information on your pathology report. Topics covered include hormone receptor status, triple-negative breast cancer, HER2 testing, surgical margins, lymphatic invasion, and cancer grade. Here are just some of the questions answered:

  • My pathology report stated, "estrogen and progesterone receptors negative." Should I ask for more details? Answer
  • What fuels triple-negative breast cancer? Answer.
  • Are there any special dietary recommendations for someone with hormone-receptor-negative cancer? Answer.
  • Initially on my needle biopsy path report, the HER2 result was "strongly positive" but when the post-mastectomy path report came back, it said the tissue was HER2 negative. How could there be such a huge discrepancy? Answer.
  • My pathology report says that the margins were close. They are recommending doing a re-excision. Is this my best option? Answer.

The conference transcripts in this section are part of the Ask-the-Expert Online Conference program.

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