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Hello Breastcancer.org Friends,

You are about to see a terrific film by creative producer, author, and breast cancer survivor, Geralyn Lucas. Her film, Take the "I Am" Pledge, is a fresh, exciting, and novel way to address the important topic of early detection. The purpose of Geralyn’s film is to make sure that women get the full benefit of early detection whenever possible — because it could save your life. Plus, when breast cancer is found early, patients may be spared more aggressive therapies which can have difficult and/or lingering side effects.

As you know, Breastcancer.org and other medical professional organizations strongly rejected last year’s Taskforce Guidelines that recommended women between 40 and 50 years of age stop getting annual mammograms, women over 50 only get mammograms every 2 years, and women stop performing breast self-examination. But despite rejection of the guidelines, it turns out that many primary care physicians have started to follow the proposed guidelines. As a result, we’ve seen a significant drop in mammogram utilization across the nation. This is a very dangerous trend that needs to be stopped. We need to resolve the confusion with clear medical information so that all women can get the benefit of early detection. Too much is at stake!

You likely have already heard that I’ve been sharing the story of my own early breast cancer diagnosis to build awareness about the importance of mammography. Now you can watch and respond to Geralyn Lucas’s amazing film that focuses on this critical issue.

Take the "I Am" Pledge is what we should all be saying. Get your mammogram every year after age 40 — but even earlier if you’re at higher risk.

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Marisa C. Weiss, M.D.
President and Founder

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