How does IBC get missed when tested?

Question from Cathy: My skin pathology came back negative for IBC. Two months later, I had three tumors and the surgeon said I do have IBC. How was this missed the first time?
Answers - Thomas Buchholz When patients present with IBC, they often have congestion of fluid within their skin that's associated with small pieces of the tumor being present in some of the lymphatic channels of the skin. It is possible to take a biopsy of the skin and not find tumor cells associated with the cells that are examined. I'm not sure if this is what happened in your particular case. It sounds as if over the two month period the tumor became more present and therefore easier to detect. Inflammatory breast cancer is a breast cancer that is associated with clinical findings of thickened skin and redness of the breast that have a rapid onset and are associated with the underlying breast cancer. Oftentimes this is confirmed with the finding of a tumor within the lymphatic channels of the skin, but the diagnosis of inflammatory breast cancer is not dependent on proving that the cancer is within the skin. Therefore, inflammatory breast cancer is sometimes referred to as a clinical diagnosis meaning that a lot of the diagnosis is dependent on the history and physical examination findings.

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