Ask-the-Expert Conferences: Metastatic Breast Cancer

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In this section you can read experts’ answers to many important questions about metastatic breast cancer. Here are just a few of the questions our experts answered on this topic: 

  • Often women with Stage IV breast cancer feel like outsiders. Attention and focus is given to women whose breast cancer is "curable." Are there any initiatives underway across the U.S. to bring more attention to women who are living with breast cancer day in and day out? Answer.
  • How do you know when to stop treatments? How many organs can be treated at one time if they are all affected? Answer.
  • I have mets to my liver and bones, and because most of the time I look great, people assume I am great when really I feel like crap and am tired. When they say, "Wow, you look so normal," it is so hard to not break down and cry and yell at them. What can I do? Answer.
  • It seems to me that women with Stage IV cancer on clinical trials face a great deal of uncertainty regarding effectiveness of their treatment. Are there particular/specific ways of helping these women cope with day-to-day living on clinical trials? Answer.
  • Is there a "usual" first site for metastatic disease to show up? Answer.
  • When is a chemo break reasonable? Answer.

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