Switch from tamoxifen to aromatase inhibitors?

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Question from Randirella: Hello Drs. Norton and Weiss: I was diagnosed with metastatic disease after 9 yrs of dormancy. I just had an oopherectomy. I'd gone back on tamoxifen and now my doc wants me to switch to an aromatase inhibitor. I prefer to stick with tamoxifen, since it’s keeping me stable and I remain asymptomatic. Don't want to use up my tools if I don't have to. Does my logic hold? Thanks for everything you do, I'm a fan.
Answers - Larry Norton, M.D. I think you should ask your doctor that question, as there may be a reason for using the aromatase inhibitor that you don't know. I agree with your sentiment that you never get off a winning horse. If the medication is working and there are no side effects, then almost always the right thing to do is not switch. However, you really must discuss this with your doctor as there may be facts that are not apparent to you that would necessitate a switch at this time.

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