Suggestions to curb anger about disease?

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Question from Ticked in TX: I'm so ANGRY about this disease, and what it's done to me and my family. I find that anger is spilling over into other areas of my life. I don't want to turn into a mean person, but I'm sure heading that way. Any suggestions?
Answers - David Spiegel I think it would be useful to reflect a bit on exactly what it is that is making you so angry. Anger is one way of coming to terms with the effect the disease has had on your life. It is a way of admitting to yourself that bad things have happened but it may also be a way of not allowing yourself to accept what the disease has done. That is, you are angry because you keep feeling the difference between the way your life ought to be and the way it is. And also, if you are not careful, the anger can isolate you from friends and family, and the more isolated you get the angrier you may get, so I would try hard to figure out what you are mad about and leave your anger there and make it a point to express appreciation to the loved ones who are trying to help you with it.

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