Is there therapy in laughter?

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Question from Megan's Mom: You know the old saying about laughter being the best medicine? Any thoughts about how mental attitude affects the physical state, or even the potential for feeling better? Should I be watching more sitcoms?
Answers - David Spiegel Of course that assumes you find sitcoms funny! I actually think that laughter can be therapeutic in part because it is a good feeling, but also because the essence of the joke is coming to a new understanding of a situation heading in a different direction. A group of women in my support group were talking about preparing for their remains to be buried so their families wouldn't have to do it. One called to get information about a beautiful place overlooking the ocean, and when she was told the price she said she was representing a group. The facility replied that they don't give group discounts. The whole group had a good laugh about it and sometimes laughter can make the unbearable bearable. Is laughing going to change the course of the disease? There is no evidence that that happens but if it makes you feel happy, go for it.

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