Alternatives to wigs in hot summer?

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Question from NYCMom: What are some alternatives to wearing a wig, which is so hot in summer?
Answers - Maria Theodoulou, M.D. One of the alternatives is to wear the "easy hair" which is a halo, a ring that sits on top of the head and there is hair on the halo, but the top of the head is empty so you can wear a cap, but you can see hair underneath it. So that might be an alternative to wearing a wig on those hot summer days. These halos are at most wig shops. They're called "halo wigs," and have become very popular. They're lovely during the hot summer days. It's a very easy alternative to those times when you want to take a walk on the beach and you don't want to just tie on a scarf. But it relieves the top part of the head so you stay cool. Ask any professional wig place for this product. There are two places in New York City—Bits and Pieces on Columbus Avenue, and Angels of New York on 61st Street. Certainly they may be able to guide you to the appropriate website or a retailer in your own area. Try making a couple of calls to see if you can get a list of suitable local retailers.
Tamara Shulman, Ph.D., FAACP That's a wonderful alternative. Another thought is there are bangs available at those kinds of places. They can be attached with Velcro, and easily attached to any hat to give you the look of bangs under a hat that would be cool and comfortable. You could try a big floppy straw hat, maybe one that ties under the chin for extra security.
Maria Theodoulou, M.D. In this era of fabulous accessories, the creativeness of what's being done with scarves today is no longer just a triangle tied behind the head. There are lovely scarves that can be held with buckles and clips, to accessorize the dress or outfit you wear in the summer when everything is colorful and airy.

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