Routines for present good health and future?

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Question from Reggie: What are your exercise routines? Are they designed for future good health, as well as feeling good and healthy now?
Answers - Miriam Nelson I feel very fortunate because I happen to love to exercise and I also get to do it for my work, in terms of that's what I study. I am a runner. I also do a lot of rock climbing, and depending on the seasons, I will bike or swim or ski. I tend to try to take advantage of the seasons, because I like the outdoors. I have three teenage children, so there was a long stretch when they were little that I barely hung onto my exercise routine. I finally told myself I didn't have to do it by myself, and the kids would grow up and I could get back into my routine. I love to think of exercise as being social, so I like to run with a team here at Tufts that runs a marathon every spring. I think of it as the future, but I also do it for now because it makes me feel good.
Julie Gralow, M.D. I also incorporate exercise into my life for the present and the future. I am a jogger, not a runner. I run at a slower pace, and I've never done a marathon, although I have done a couple of half marathons. With Team Survivor Northwest, I regularly do a women's triathlon with short distances. With Team Survivor, I had a chance to ride my bike from Seattle to Portland, which is 200 miles, and do a variety of other activities, like the dragon boating. On a daily basis, it's more the jogging and bike riding. I found I need to commit in order to get myself out there on these gray winter days. So now, my husband and I have planned a week-long biking trip in Croatia in May, so that's encouragement for me to get out on my bike so I'll be in good shape for this trip. I know that if I sign up for something and I've turned in my registration, that will help get me out there more in advance.
Judith Sachs I teach tai chi and exercise to senior citizens. My students, who are 75 and up, are my inspiration to keeping active. I do my tai chi every day. I do yoga and I jog. I bike in good weather. It is harder as I get older to feel that I can get past the aches and pains, and I just have to be very patient with myself.

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