Depression and other side effects of insomnia?

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Question from Kathleen: I've been taking zopiclone 7.5 mg for 3 years since cancer. I get depressed when I try to stop. I'm 71. Is there any great harm in staying on it forever? If so, what is the method to get off?
Answers - Helena Schotland It really depends on the underlying insomnia, whether it has been fully evaluated. There are some people who require long-term therapy, but most people do not. Insomnia is often transient, and may ebb and flow over time. I like to give patients an opportunity periodically to see if there's a night they can do without the sleeping medication, with the goal of transitioning them to using sleeping medications only as needed, rather than nightly. And in fact, I've had some patients where I prescribed sleeping medications for their insomnia. When they come back to see me, their insomnia is cured and they never took the sleeping medication. But knowing that they had it in their medicine cabinet was enough to make them relax and sleep on their own. Depression and anxiety can play a large role in insomnia, and cognitive-behavioral therapy can be useful in those situations. Patients may also need to have their depression or insomnia addressed directly by a psychiatrist, as insomnia may be a symptom but not necessarily the underlying issue.

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