Spirituality a requirement for affirmation?

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Question from Candlelight: Dr. Benor, looking at the affirmation you cited, do you believe that organized spirituality (belief in a supreme being) is a requirement for this sort of approach?
Answers - Dan Benor When I see in the press that some people talk of faith healing as an example of spiritual healing, I become uncomfortable. Research shows that many animals, and even plants can respond to healing, so it's clear that faith in a supreme being isn't a requirement. But a person of faith may find it very comforting to experience the healing within that context. The context itself may add power to the healing for that person.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. For people of faith, or people who are within a community that share a strong spiritual bond, great power can be had by just connecting within the community. It could be a church, a bird-watching group, or a meditation circle. It can take many forms.
Dan Benor People have asked me about my religious belief and practice. I've come to feel that I belong to a church of personal spirituality. So I can resonate, Marisa, with what you've said about that fact that a person could belong to a bird-watching group, because nature speaks very strongly of spiritual awareness.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. Being aware that there is power beyond yourself may be a key ingredient for many of the mystical powers.

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