Impact of body cleansing on breast cancer?

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Question from Edith: What impact does body cleansing with castor oil and other products have on breast cancer patients?
Answers - Patricia Johnson Detoxification practices are helpful for many chronic illnesses, including breast cancer. Due to our diet and our environment, most people carry toxins. Cleansing the body through a healthy diet, as well as including detoxification practices, can be beneficial. Occasional juice fasting, taking products to help pull toxins from the body, drinking plenty of water, and regular aerobic exercise, are all methods that help with detoxification. Also, keeping your liver healthy can be extremely helpful in preventing the build-up of toxins. The herb called 'milk thistle' may help boost the liver's ability to detoxify the body.
Dan Benor There have been studies in Germany of what they call 'geopathic stress.' They find that certain areas in a house, or on a piece of land, can be stressful for people who spend a lot of time there. There are people who 'dowse' in order to identify these areas. Dowsers use a pendulum, or what they call a divining rod, which helps them use their intuition to identify a healthy or unhealthy place to spend time in. They have found some houses, for instance, where up to 10 people in succession developed cancer.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. Is it unrelated to family history?
Dan Benor That wasn't evaluated, so it could be a compounding factor.
Marisa Weiss, M.D. What about Feng Shui? It's a system of thinking about the placement of elements—objects , light, air, movement, placement of the building, and how these things can affect your well-being.
Patricia Johnson It's basically a system of energy flow. In Chinese philosophy, we are energetic beings in connection with not only the earth, but also the universe. The way in which energy flows around us can certainly affect our well-being.

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