What are Bach flower remedies?

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Question from Britts: What are Bach flower remedies?
Answers - Dan Benor In England, Edward Bach developed a series of some 36 different oils from plant material and found that these were extremely helpful with a spectrum of psychological and physical symptoms. The field of flower essence therapy has literally blossomed around the world, and there are now Alaskan, Californian, and many Hawaiian remedies that have extended the original 36. Many of them are not just for the physical and emotional, but go into spiritual as well. People refer to flower essences as spiritual homeopathy. On my website, www.wholistichealingresearch.com, I have an enormous spectrum of resources including a summary of the flower essences and sites where people can find out more about them.
Larry Lachman In that same article I mentioned from the June 2003 Professional Psychology Journal, they cite an article by a researcher named Senior in 1995. Dr. Senior had performed an overall analysis of 25 years of clinical study on homeopathy, and of 107 controlled trials, 81 of those showed homeopathy to be effective. 8 out of 10 displayed positive results in relieving a lot of psychologically oriented stress disorders. In 1997 and 1994, in the British medical journal, The Lancet, articles by Dr. Linde and Dr. Reilly showed that homeopathy was effective beyond placebo control. So even in journals like this, they've shown efficacy for the homeopathy that Dr. Benor was talking about.

The Ask-the-Expert Online Conference called Complementary and Holistic Techniques Part 2 featured Dan Benor, M.D., Larry Lachman, Psy.D., and moderator Jennifer Griggs, M.D., M.P.H. answering your questions about the various complementary and holistic treatments that may benefit those with breast cancer.

 Editor's Note: This conference took place in October 2004.

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