Pain medications affect endorphin production?

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Question from Susie: I've been told that taking codeine or morphine-like products will inhibit the brain from producing endorphins, so I allow the pain to build until I have no choice. Can you tell me if this is the case?
Answers - Neal Slatkin Ouch! It certainly is likely that the taking of pain medications may inhibit the body's own pain relief system. But the presence of pain is itself the clear indication that the body's own pain relief system is not up to the task of relieving the person's pain. Therefore, it is important to take strong pain medications that will provide significant pain relief.

If you wait too long to take medications—in other words, allow your pain to build up—higher doses of medication to relieve the pain are often necessary than if you'd responded in a more timely fashion and taken your medications earlier. It's easier to maintain pain control with lower doses of medications than to achieve pain control that often requires higher doses of medications.

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