Suggestions for treating keloids?

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Question from Kathy: One year ago I had a mastectomy. I'm still experiencing many symptoms as discussed here, but wonder if you might have any suggestions for treating keloids?
Answers - Kristin Brill, M.D., F.A.C.S. Keloid is bulky scar formation. A true keloid is a bulky, nodular scar that forms over months to years and can commonly form on the upper body, trunk, neck and back in those that tend to form keloids. Many women will consider hypotrophic scar (which is thickened scar) to be a keloid, when truly it is just a thicker than average scar. For women who know that they tend to form thicker scars, consultation with a plastic surgeon ahead of surgery can be helpful to modify techniques such as type of suture used, the possibility of injecting the scar with steroids post-operatively, or some topical agents to prevent scar thickening before it occurs. It's worth investigating these options for women who form hypertrophic scars or true keloids, as they can be the source of chronic pain and itch long-term.

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