Chemo brain treatments being developed?

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Question from Izzard: What therapies or treatments are being developed to treat the long-term effects of chemo brain? I am 3 years out of treatment and still suffering cognitive difficulties which impact my job. Thanks.
Answers - Christina Meyers I just have to say that there are no specific treatments for cancer patients. We borrow from the brain injury field and other neurologic illnesses. There is nothing really specific to cancer, but we go with what is evidence-based in other neurological conditions and we apply it to cancer patients.
George Sledge, M.D. If indeed we get better at diagnosing this on a routine basis and doing functional neuroimaging, that points to specific defects. Let’s imagine 5 years from now we know on a reliable basis that chemotherapy drug X causes a particular effect in this part of the frontal lobe. Once we have those diagnostic techniques in place, then we can think about developing interventions that might interfere with those things we see in imaging. There's a lot of work to tie imaging to the other functional tests we do, but I think we'll get there soon and be able to come up with interventions that may reverse that.
Christina Meyers I agree, and that's the direction that it's going in.

The Ask-the-Expert Online Conference called Managing Chemo Brain featured Christina Meyers, Ph.D., A.B.P.P. and George Sledge, M.D. answering your questions about how long chemo brain can last, what treatments can be helpful, and current research on cognitive effects of breast cancer treatment.

Editor's Note: This conference took place in October 2008.

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