Preparation for DIEP, fat transfers?

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Question from Allison M: What is the best way to prepare physically for the DIEP operation? Also, is it possible to use fat removed by liposuction from other areas of the body, (e.g. upper thighs) to increase a reconstructed breast, or is the only option a synthetic implant?
Answers - Carolyn Chang Fat transfers can be done; however, it's very difficult to achieve any amount of bulk. So generally speaking, we use fat grafting for fine, specialized areas such as wrinkles in the face or maybe in the hands. It would be very difficult to transfer enough fat to make an impact on the breast mound. That's simply because a very large percent of any fat graft does not take as a graft with any transfer. To prepare for the DIEP operation, just as you would need to prepare for any operation, be a healthy non-smoker, stay away from herbs or aspirin products before surgery, and make sure your nutrition levels and blood counts are good.

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