Alternatives to tamoxifen?

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Question from Tri: What is the latest research on a premenopausal woman, estrogen-positive but cannot take tamoxifen due to a clot disorder (Factor V Leiden)?
Answers - Andrew D. Seidman, M.D. I will answer the question in the absence of knowing what stage of disease you are at and what other therapies may or may not have been administered. As a general comment, for a premenopausal woman with ER-positive breast cancer of any stage for whom tamoxifen could not safely be administered, the intervention that comes to mind as being safe and effective returns to my earlier comment of targeted therapy in the 1800s—simply suppression of ovarian function either chemically, using agents called LHRH analogues, such as Lupron (chemical name: leuprolide) or Zoladex (chemical name: goserelin) or surgical oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries). To reiterate an earlier point, aromatase inhibitors, while they do not carry the risk of blood clots that tamoxifen does, cannot be recommended for a premenopausal woman with any stage of breast cancer.
Jennifer Armstrong, M.D. While there is a lack of data concerning the safety of the use of tamoxifen with anti-coagulation such as Coumadin (chemical name: warfarin) for patients with Factor V Leiden deficiency (or other underlying hyper-coagulable state), depending on the individual history (and whether there had been previous venothromboembolic disease, or clots, and/or the severity of previous clots), this could be a consideration.

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