Happy Holidays from breastcancer.org

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Happy Holidays from breastcancer.org!

This holiday season, give the precious gift of knowledge to those affected by breast cancer around the world. Help others overcome their fears and get the best medical information about breast cancer so they can manage their experience with knowledge and confidence. Your donation will keep the gift of knowledge easily accessible to the millions around the world who rely on breastcancer.org.

Perhaps you would like to make a gift in someone else’s name this holiday season. Honor your family members, friends and co-workers with a heart-felt gift that is sure to be appreciated. This type of holiday gift is life-affirming, positive, and comes in any price denomination you like beginning at $5. Notification of your gift can be mailed out within 3 business days of your donation.

How to Give

  1. Select a gift amount
  2. Tell us the name of the person you are honoring with this gift and provide us contact information for notification

We will notify your gift recipient (or family member) that you have given so generously on their behalf within 3 business days of your gift.

Consider the beauty of a gift that never goes to waste

Rather than giving a music CD, a $10 gift to breastcancer.org can provide 22 young women with the tools to assess their own personal risk of breast cancer and make lifestyle choices that reduce those risks.

In place of a $50 gift card, a $50 gift to breastcancer.org will provide 110 newly diagnosed individuals with the knowledge needed to fully research and understand their diagnosis, pathology report and treatment options.

Instead of buying an expensive pair of jeans, consider making a $100 gift that helps breastcancer.org distribute 75 booklets to breast cancer patients and their loved ones who are seeking answers to critical questions about their pathology report, treatment options and fears about treatment.

Make a donation

Donate $100 or more in response to this email and you will receive a free copy of the newly released book 7 Minutes! How to Get the Most from Your Doctor Visit. You will surely benefit from the expert advice found in this humorous but poignant look at managing the doctor-patient relationship. Copies can also be ordered online and the proceeds directly benefit breastcancer.org.

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