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Lisa KabnickLisa Kabnick

When are a few years of a very good thing simply not enough?

When you have the love and devotion of Lisa Kabnick in your life! She just keeps getting better and better.

Lisa is such an extraordinary combination of wonderful things: smart and brave, glamorous and generous, fast and funny, honest and loving, responsive and responsible, flexible and determined, practical and visionary. What makes Lisa tick, rattle and roll? It's doing the right thing to make a big difference in people's lives. Lisa always stands up tall for what matters most: her family, friends, clients, values and the well-being of the world.

So it came as no surprise that a serious breast cancer diagnosis 12 years ago — then a mother of two young children — propelled Lisa into tireless action. With sleeves rolled up, a loving heart, and a mind in full gear, Lisa has been for me a great source of support, friendship, and good hard advice. She was a brilliant lawyer at the table when this organization became a reality 5 years ago. Since then she and her husband John have risen to the cause, developing strategic solutions to practical and complex challenges.

Now serving 700,000 people each month, is the lifeline to the best medical information about breast cancer 24/7 for all people worldwide. With Lisa and John's vital support,'s resources have grown to over 4,000 pages of all original content on prevention, diagnosis, treatment, recovery, and moving beyond. There are monthly Research News and Ask-the-Expert Conferences; a huge online community of intensely active discussion boards and chat rooms, a Celebrity Talking Dictionary by over 60 celebrities making 1,000 complex breast cancer terms easy to hear, understand and say, giving women a common language with their doctors, and a growing relationship with live and print media such as the 8-consecutive-year Today Show collaboration. Additionally, over 500,000 booklets, such as Understanding Your Breast Cancer Pathology Report, have been distributed off-line worldwide. And all of's services are provided at no cost.

Today Lisa and John are back at the table determined to help secure long-term funding so that's lifeline will always be there to protect and cherish the lives of all women and their families confronted by this terrible disease.

Lisa's special birthday year gives us a tremendous opportunity to celebrate Lisa's steadfast commitment to, through the creation of a permanent fund, the Lisa D. Kabnick Endowment Fund, established for the purpose of providing general operating support for the core programs serving the mission of Friends and family of Lisa (and indeed Lisa and John themselves) will be able to add to this Fund over time.

The establishment of this Fund was a SECRET birthday present for Lisa, that was revealed to her on her birthday, June 13th. If you are interested in participating in the Fund, please make a secure online contribution now.

The names of all contributors are included in a special endowment book that will be given to Lisa.

Thank you so much for making a gift to honor Lisa and help secure's future. The Endowment Fund in Lisa's name will be indispensable to women and their loved ones worldwide in their battle to overcome breast cancer and reclaim a healthy, joyous, and meaningful life.



Marisa Weiss, M.D.
Chief Medical Officer
President and Founder

P.S. Your company may have a matching gift program that could double or even triple your contribution. Check with your HR department or office manager for forms and/or additional information. Matching gifts can be mailed to:
Attn: The Lisa D. Kabnick Fund
120 East Lancaster Avenue Suite 201
Ardmore, PA 19003

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