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The Antoinette Westphal Living Legacy

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Antoinette Westphal October 1937 – November 2004 Founding Board Member

You may have heard the expression, "There is a reason for everything." At, we have a reason for every letter on our website, every color you see, every discussion board connection. Sound reasoning and logic sets our course and defines our mission: to reach all people with the best medical information about breast health and breast cancer so they can protect and cherish their precious lives.

About ten years ago, we met Antoinette Westphal. Taken by her beauty, grace, elegance, intelligence, serenity, quick humor, warm smile, business savvy, and compassion, she quickly became a friend, change-maker, and mission mover and shaker in the organization. But why had Antoinette chosen to join our critical mission?

We soon discovered that Antoinette lived by a different saying; from her, we learned, "There is a love for everything." Love is inherent in everything that is meaningful, important, and joyous. With reason and logic alone, words would be flat, colors lifeless, and conversations dull.'s challenge and opportunity is to find or create love in each of our programs and services to give the fullest life, energy, and care to each person whom we have the privilege of taking care of.

With Antoinette's guidance, the synergy between reason and love has given a much greater power to help millions of individuals worldwide.

Creating love beyond reason in everything we do is The Antoinette Westphal Living Legacy. will always have Antoinette's touch and carry her torch.

Antoinette's love and her family's support are strong fibers of the organization's tapestry—which is permanent and will forever be integral to our mission.

As we honor and fulfill The Antoinette Westphal Living Legacy, we are all blessed.



Marisa Weiss, M.D.
President and Founder

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