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Lydia Komarnicky, M.D.

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Lydia Komarnicky, M.D., is a Philadelphia-trained physician and a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and the Medical College of Pennsylvania. She is currently on the staff of the Drexel University College of Medicine, where she is director of the residency program, and chair of the department of radiation oncology. A project close to Dr. Komarnicky's heart is her co-editorship with Maryann Romano, Ph.D., of the Pink Ribbon Newsletter. She wrote the book What to Do If You Get Breast Cancer: Two Breast Cancer Specialists Help You Take Charge and Make Informed Choices, with Anne Rosenberg, M.D., and Marian Betancourt, and is also the author of numerous articles on breast cancer.

Lydia is eager to be part of, as it gives her a chance to reach even more women well beyond her own active medical practice and community work. Her interest in breast cancer was spurred by a strong family history of the disease, an interest that now has powerful roots in patient care: "I have a strong interest in speaking on women's health issues, especially breast cancer. I am a staunch advocate of patient education that leads to the best possible treatment and life thereafter. I started a prayer-based support group for cancer patients at the St. Peter Celestine Church in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. I feel we need to treat the spirit, as well as the cancer."

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