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December 25, 2007, The New York Times: On the Same Wavelength With the Doctor

December 3, 2007, USA Today: How to talk to a doctor

October 29, 2007, ABC News: Radiation ‘Boost’ Can Prevent Breast Cancer Recurrence

October 8, 2007, Fox News: 21-Year-Old College Student Battles Breast Cancer

October 4, 2007, Fox News: Five Myths About Breast Cancer and Why You Shouldn’t Believe Them

September 19, 2007, ABC News: Robin Roberts to Undergo Chemotherapy

September 12, 2007, ABC News: Cancer Docs Debate Gene Test Ad Campaign

August 14, 2007, ABC News: Breast Cancer Information: Where to Turn

July 17, 2007, ABC News: Diet, Lifestyle and Breast Cancer

June 19, 2007, ABC News: Breast Cancer: Small Families, Silent Genes

June 4, 2007, ABC News: Hot Flashes Good News for Breast Cancer Survivors

May 27, 2007, ABC News: Scientists Find Four New Breast Cancer Genes

April 29, 2007, The New York TimesChemotherapy Fog Is No Longer Ignored as Illusion

April 2, 2007, ABC News: New Mammogram Guidelines for 40-Somethings

March 28, 2007, ABC News: MRIs Helpful in Breast Cancer Diagnosis

March 25, 2007, The New York Times: Like the Edwardses, Some Use Work When They Must Fight Serious Illness

January 19, 2007, ABC News: Poor Get Less Chemotherapy

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