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Geralyn's Story

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"January 1998 a mammogram had found a large tumor, my doctor was horrified and rushed me in to a surgeon. I barely had time to think. Waking up after surgery I was told that the tumor was positive for cancer and I was given a lumpectomy with a tube coming out of my left armpit.

"Now what? My son was only 10 years old; I was a single mother and a freelance film makeup artist. I had to work, I had to survive. Time to do some research.

"My nurse came with me for support to my first oncologist appointment. He wanted to do aggressive chemo. I chose to accept my situation in a positive light and told the oncologist that I would not have any chemo, the odds just didn’t add up for me to kill all of my good cells. I agreed to go with tamoxifen, trying to eat well, and remaining positive! Finding was awesome. The support of all these women!! Regardless of the type of treatment we choose, everyone has something to give to another.

"Fourteen years later, November 2012, a small lump located same breast same spot. Here I go again. This time a mastectomy for left side is suggested. Did my research again and decided to do the full Monty. Might as well have both look the same. I call them my 'franken boobs.' I always said that if the cancer came back it wouldn’t be a recurrence. It just developed again. Stress, eating habits, and our environment. I jumped onto again. Wow I couldn’t have done it without all of you. Here’s to 2014 and all of us: Survivors!!!"

--Geralyn, Toronto, ON, Canada

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