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NancyH's Story

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"I was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002. I was 33 years old and completely shocked as I'd never heard of anyone my age getting breast cancer. Searching for information on the internet, I discovered the Discussion Boards and immediately connected with other women who gave me support, information, and helped me get through treatment. I was amazed at how much medical knowledge the gals on the boards had, and I quickly got up to speed on the terminology and treatment choices. Even more important than the technical aspects, the gals on the boards could relate to everything I was going through because we were all walking through it together.

"In 2009, after having several months of mysterious back pain, I learned that my cancer had spread to my liver, bones, lungs, and my brain. I once again turned to the Boards for information and support. I've been through so many chemos now, I've lost track of them all, I've had brain surgery, and numerous rounds of brain radiation. Thanks to all the wonderful ladies on the boards, I'm able to cope and to live with the best quality of life I can. The stage 4 community is so unique, we share our ups and downs, and together, we figure out how to live with the uncertainty of having a terminal illness.

"Looking back on the past 4 years of having metastatic disease, I'm happy with how much 'life' I've been able to live. I climbed to the top of Mt. Adams, the second highest peak in Washington state, I earned two promotions at work, I've taken some fabulous trips with friends and family, but most importantly, I've spent time with people I love."

--NancyH, Shoreline, WA, USA

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