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Clinical Trial Experiences

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A clinical trial is a research project that looks at how well a new treatment or medical procedure works in people. Other studies that are done on just cells in petri dishes or on animals are called preclinical trials. Clinical trials are started only after preclinical trials suggest that the new treatment or procedure will help people and also will be safe for people. Deciding to become part of a clinical trial is a very personal decision. A decision that can be tough and involve a lot of contemplation. Some members from our Discussion Boards have graciously offered to share their experiences with clinical trial treatments. Read their stories here.


What It's Like to Be in a Clinical Trial

"Did the black cohosh actually work? No way to know I guess because sometimes the actual lesion is smaller when they do the lumpectomy they told me. The trial is still going on so I guess I won't know for a while." Read april485's story...


Treatment Beyond the Standard of Care

"I was told by my oncologist that a pathologic complete response carried the best prognosis but that I wasn't likely to have one because I was highly hormone positive and started out with a large tumor burden. When I pushed him about doing more chemo after surgery if I had residual cancer, he told me that extra chemo was not standard for hormone positive, but I was welcome to join a clinical trial." Read Bad_At_Usernames's story...


Being Part of Something Larger

" I am by nature interested in new approaches, particularly since the standard of care in my situation would have had a negative impact on my quality of life without equivalent benefit." Read Hopeful82014's story...


New Approaches Through Clinical Trials

"Since my diagnoses on 3/20, I have been looking into the best treatments, which includes any clinical trials I could find. I've continued to comb through trials and ask all my docs about any trials that align to my condition, prognosis or personal thoughts surrounding treatment. " Read PeaceMomma's story...


Finding the Positive by Helping Others

"[My] trial was a topic of discussion on the Triple Positive thread. I looked into the trial itself, and went through the enrollment screening and was accepted. There was another member on the thread and she enrolled at another location and was 6 weeks ahead of me - we compared notes a number of times and kept our thread-mates up to date on our progress and experience" Read SpecialK's story...

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