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New Approaches Through Clinical Trials

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Since my diagnoses on 3/20, I have been looking into the best treatments, which includes any clinical trials I could find. While I missed being included in the fasting around chemo trial (found it after I started fasting/chemo first round - thought I could still be included because I did fast around my first chemo, but didn't really understand the trials at that time...of course, I missed the important initial intake testing, etc.), I've continue to comb through trials and ask all my docs about any trials that align to my condition, prognosis or personal thoughts surrounding treatment.

I am currently under consideration for an immunotherapy trial at MD Anderson, which begins after my surgery (just completed 3rd round of chemo, so that's a bit of a ways off) and will be talking to the radiation oncologist there about proton therapy, which I believe is her trial - will find out more at my appointment with her on 7/7.

My breast surgeon and I are considering an approach to leave my lymph nodes if I get a complete response (as determined by my lumpectomy) - I'm not sure that this is a trial, but he was looking for one for it.

And finally, I've been searching for a trial which would include Perjeta along with Herceptin in the adjuvant setting here in the states - I understand they are doing this now in the UK and possibly Australia now...hoping they at least start a trial by this fall for that here.

Sorry, I have no completed trial experience to share yet - but I do think that there are exciting things going on right now and trials can be the best place to find some of the newest approaches.

I will say that I'm particular about the trials I could consider. My original breast surgeon was talking to me about a trial where he might just take my sentinel node and not do a complete auxiliary node dissection, but then I realized that the trial was randomized and I would not know which arm I was in until after surgery. No, thank you. I need to know what I'm in for and then I'll make a decision.

-- PeaceMomma, considering clinical trials

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor are they intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians.

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