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Stories of Committed Partnerships

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Keeping a marriage or committed partnership healthy is hard work. It requires a level of effort, dedication, trust, unwavering support, and lots of love. Adding a cancer diagnosis to the often complicated dynamic of a relationship can throw a wrench in the works. It can bring out the best and worst of you and your partner.

We've asked our Community members to take a moment to share with us some stories about their relationships and how a breast cancer diagnosis has affected their bond, including when they were most grateful for their partner, ways to keep the intimacy in tact, how to keep each other supported, the importance of date nights, any things they wish their partner had or hadn't done, and any advice for couples facing a new diagnosis. These are their stories.


"When I got the call that I had cancer, he just held me and we cried together. I have yet to start treatment, but he has assured me, that my mastectomies will not affect how he feels about me, or his attraction to me." Read MFalabella's story...


"All the way through this experience DH has stood by my side. Sometimes he has stood in front of me, advocating for my care. Sometimes he stood behind me to catch me when I felt like I couldn't deal with one more complication. Sometimes DH stood beside me, to hold me up and make me feel loved when I felt so ugly and dried up." Read mustlovepoodles's story...


"Since her diagnosis, things have slowed down some in our intimacy as far as quantity but never in quality. We make time for each other. It's needed, whether you think time may be limited, or you feel that you have time." Read PatrickG's story...

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