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"My wife and I just started our 17th year together, she truly is the love of my life. All the years we have been together have been amazing. Our journey with cancer only started about 7 months ago and it have been one of the scariest times of our lives. Our bond is strong; we have said this throughout our time together, that we are lucky to have each other and wished that others could enjoy the extreme closeness that we have. We have always been very intimate laying together talking and just enjoying each other's company.

"Since her diagnosis, things have slowed down some in our intimacy as far as quantity but never in quality. We make time for each other. It's needed, whether you think time may be limited, or you feel that you have time. Just because she has had the stage IV diagnosis does not mean that the intimacy has gone, just the opposite -- it has increased. Passion has never been a problem for us, but now it seems to have heightened because when we are together it seems more spiritual, if that makes sense. She is my soulmate my world my everything always has been always will be. I cherish each and every moment we have together. I did not need cancer in our lives to appreciate her. I did not need it to know how special she is, it is just one of the certainties we know at our very core.

"To all of the couples that are dealing with these times: enjoy each other, your partner needs you as much as you need them. Love and loving each other is the beauty that helps win each moment."

-- PatrickG, committed since 1999

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