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"Well, I was actually going in to get a haircut, but I'm jumping ahead of my story. We'll get back to that. Ten years ago this week, I had my surgery, my husband was resuming his treatments for brain cancer (he died in 2011), and his mom died the same week of cancer. To say that this month brings me mixed emotions is an understatement.

"So, fast forward to October, 2015. It was a little past the four year anniversary of my husband's death, and I was thinking about dating, but how do you do that with the physical and emotional scars that we carry? You do it SpunkyGirl style :). So, I walked I to get my haircut, and there was something about the guy at the checkout counter -- the words 'real,' 'solid' and 'handsome' spring to mind. I started asking questions about him to my stylist of ten years ('Is he married?', etc.) and find out that they were high school buddies and he's a 'great guy.' On our second date, I told him about being a breast cancer survivor, and he shook my hand and replied, 'Congratulations, I'm a recovered alcoholic!'

"Lesson learned, girls. We all carry some kind of heavy baggage :). That was ten months ago, and we are in love and looking ahead. My two boys are 15 and 13, and so far are cool with it.

"The longer I live and look around, the more dysfunction I see in many people and in their relationships. I don't want to be one of those people. I just want to live and love fully. Don't let your self-worth be guided by this journey. We are so much more than our breasts. Am I still scared some days? You bet! I have to keep reminding myself that NO ONE knows what tomorrow holds, so I am going to live for today, or try my best to."

-- SpunkyGirl, committed since 2015

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