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Sharing a Cancer Diagnosis With a Family Member

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Going through a cancer diagnosis alone can be a trying time for anyone. But some members of our Community have shared this experience with another family member. We wanted to know what impact sharing a cancer diagnosis with someone they love had on them. Were there moments that surprised them? Was there any inspiration received? Was there comfort in knowing they weren't alone? Any important lessons learned? Some of our members have graciously offered to share their experiences with this unique situation.


"I was diagnosed in 2011...and again in 2013.... Both times I had asked my sister to get a mammogram as she was at risk. She didn't because she was too afraid. In sister was rushed to [the] hospital and diagnosed with metastatic spinal cord compression from an advanced breast cancer." Read bluepearl's story...


"I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in August 2011, after a couple failed 'early detection' attempts. My sister was just diagnosed in May 2015 with breast cancer.... This caused us to research our family history which has been largely swept under the rug." Read CarrieBelongs's story...


"Surprisingly, I have taken this possible recurrence more easily than my first one. My sister has been very strong throughout the process. I never thought for a minute that we would be going through this together." Read DaLyA08's story...


"My family history includes two sisters diagnosed with IDC at age 44 and 45. We are a family of five girls, three of which have been touched with breast cancer. We are all BRCA negative and I am hoping to finally get approval for more advanced genetic testing in May." Read have2laugh's story...


"I still can't believe we are going through this together. I'm glad I didn't have to choose a partner, but grateful that I got her and that we don't have to do this alone. Even though I hate that she has to do this too. It's all so messed up. " Read Jenwith4kid's story...


"I hesitated to tell my mom, she was just finishing up her own chemo and my dad was not doing well. I really hated to dump something else on her. I waited until treatment 1 was done, she took it well although I can tell she was shaken up...." Read Rmanmom's story...


"In a blinding moment of enlightenment, I realized that my mother, rather than placing my life at risk as she so desperately feared, had actually saved it. Because of her persistence over the years to examine myself regularly, I had 'mapped' my own breasts in my mind, becoming so familiar with how they were constructed that...I was able to find it myself before it had progressed too far." Read SelenaWolf's story...


"[My dad] was 81 years old and never complained of SE's. I didn't appreciate how strong he was until I got my first AC treatment! He was my encouragement and inspiration during treatment. He faced his disease boldly and never gave up." Read toomuch's story...

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