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DaLyA08's Story

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"I was diagnosed with triple-negative breast cancer stage III in December 2013, five years after my oldest sister was diagnosed with ER+ PR+ HER2 -. I found my big lump in September. It grew fast and ended up with two instead of one and lymph node involvement. [My sister] got lumpectomy and radiation therapy; I got all the works: chemo, surgery and radiation. I finished treatment at the end of December 2014. My sister and I happened to have control checkups at the same time in February. She got a lump she felt in her healthy breast biopsied and the biopsy came back as IDC grade II.

"I got my MRI yesterday and there is a 7cm mass on the chest wall and is compromising my right lung as far as I understand these medical terms. We get our results in Spanish since we live in Colombia. By the way, I moved back from Naples, FL in 2010 to my hometown because of my sister's diagnosis. I wanted to be with my family.

"Tomorrow we have an appointment with the same surgeon to get ready for the second fight. Surprisingly, I have taken this possible recurrence more easily than my first one. My sister has been very strong throughout the process. I never thought for a minute that we would be going through this together. We even share the same oncologists. When she got her second diagnosis, I told our family. I have not shared my MRI results with them yet. Want to wait for more details from the doc.

"[The picture] is my sister and I at my niece's birthday party this past February one week before Carnival festivities, which are celebrated in Barranquilla around the same date as Mardi Gras. That is my excuse for wearing the funny hat.

"[Update] By the way, my surgeon decided to have my results checked again. He called the chief radiologist and asked him to take a look at the images once again. He thinks it might be a seroma. Anyway, he asked his colleague to take a look at the results and biopsy the mass or whatever it is. Crossing my fingers. My sis is getting ready for more tests and an appointment with the clinical oncologist.

"This website kept me going through my first treatment and my ups and downs. You are all great!!!!"

-- DaLyA08, shares a diagnosis with her sister

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