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Mockanaitis's Story

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What led you to doing the testing? "I was diagnosed during [the] annual mammogram process with a breast malignancy on March 7 [2018]. (Stage I, ~1cm, Grade 1, ER/PR +, HER2-). When reviewing family history of cancer, it was determined that genetic testing would be prudent. Without typing in all the history; multiple uterine and breast cancers, bladder cancer, colon cancer on mother's side. My father's sister died from breast cancer and I think his father had prostate cancer."

What were your results, and what choices have you made based on the findings? "I am both NBN and Lynch Syndrome (MSH6) positive. My doctors were pretty surprised to see two positive results. Apparently this doesn't happen very often. I have decided on first go to just have lumpectomy, radiation, and tamoxifen treatment. I am also removing my second ovary. I had already had a hysterectomy and one ovary removed due to severe endometriosis issues six years ago. I have scheduled my first colonoscopy at age 47. Urine tested clean, CA125 tested normal, other blood tests were normal."

Was payment an issue? "Not yet, but I got a denial letter from insurance and have passed that on to the doctor office who has said they will follow up."

How have you discussed these decisions with your family? "I shared my results with my 7 siblings and let them know that if they wish, they can test for them as well."

What suggestions would you have for others? "I'm not sure...this is all very new for me."

-- Mockanaitis, tested positive for NBN and MSH6 genetic mutations

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