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For the month of February, we asked our members to share stories that have touched their heart. But heartfelt stories extend far past Valentine's month. Sometimes, during difficult times, there are moments that lift our spirits and provide us with a sense of well-being. These moments may come spontaneously from partners, parents, siblings, friends, nurses, doctors, community, other members, peers, or even pets. Some members of our community have graciously offered to share the story, memory, or moment with us that enriched them, surprised them, made them smile or feel stronger, or simply supported them during their breast cancer experience.


"Being a repeat offender, I well knew the garment rankings of the 'spa.' If one is wearing a bathrobe vs. a maroon-pink tie garment, it meant one had graduated from mammo land and the potential journey into breast cancer world was beginning. Ms. Bathrobe looked like controlled panic." Read Deborah2012's story...


"Somehow, we always seem to think the ones we are closest to will be our best support during the difficult times, yet, there are people who will show up in ways you never expect during cancer treatment." Read Jazzygirl's story...


"Bugsy doesn't allow me time to stop and think about what's happened to me. He's a bundle of joy and distraction from the moment I get up in the morning, until the moment I put him to bed at night." Read RebzAmy's story...

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