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Stories of Survivorship

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The word "survivorship" generally refers to life after immediate treatment (surgery, chemo, radiation), though a patient may still be on ongoing treatment (hormonal therapy, targeted therapies, complementary methods, etc.). We've asked our Community members to share their stories about navigating the active treatment rollercoaster and what life after a diagnosis is like. Read their inspiring stories about getting through treatment and finding a new normal on the other side.

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"I’ve always been strong-willed, but cancer made me stronger. I know that I am meant to be an advocate." Read Dianne's story...


"We have to accept there's no going back. It's either lemons or lemonade." Read Vicky's story...


"It's cancer,' are the two words that nobody ever wants to hear. I have heard them three times before my 35th birthday. The first time was in 1995, at age 14, during the summer before my freshman year of high school, when I was diagnosed with leukemia." Read Becs511's story...


"I finally feel like I'm worth going through so much treatment and expense to save my life. For me, it was all about getting the structure of support built around me and learning to lean on it. Troubles may come, but so does joy." Read eggroll's story...


"I can't lie and say I don't think about cancer, I do - but it lives in a corner of my mind like an ugly chair that I have designed the rest of the room around so it blends in." Read everyminute's story...


"This year has been really difficult. It has NOT been easy, but I did it, and I would tell others, they can too. There were many days that I thought I would never get out of a dark tunnel, but I did!" Read mysunshine48's story...


"I felt a calling to be a role model for those going through this disease and for those family members. There is truly an undeniable hope that you can never imagine, that we will persevere for us and our loved ones." Read nshaffer's story...

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