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I got married, canceled the honeymoon, and started chemo 2 days later

Hello! I'm 28 years old. First, sorry for my English, but I am not a native speaker.

My story begins with a lump felt in the left breast, on March 22, 2016. It was the size of a plum and it appeared overnight. The next day I went to have an ultrasound and the doctor said it was a fibroadenoma, and to go back home, take Progestogel and that we shall see each other in 3 months. I didn't trust him and I went to another doctor to have an ultrasound, and he sent me to have a mammogram which said the result was inconclusive. So, my second doctor, having the ultrasound and the mammogram, said, "It is 99% a fibroadenoma, but just to be sure, let's have an MRI."

I made an appointment for the MRI and before that I spoke with the doctor who reads MRIs, he looked over the US and mammogram and said I could stay chill, it's benign, but if I really want to have an MRI for me to calm down, I could have it.

Okay, on April 18, 2016 I had the MRI (just to calm down, I was sure it was something benign). I saw the results online, which said BIRADS 4c/5 and I knew that wasn't okay. I went to talk to the doctor (very nice and good doctor) and he said he was so sorry, but the MRI showed something very different, and it appears to be a carcinoma. He recommended surgery to see what it is.

The same day I went to another city, where I knew my aunt's doctors (she had ovarian cancer 3 years ago). I saw an oncologist who sent me to a surgeon. The surgeon said, "What fibroadenoma? This is stage II malignant!" I tried to "negotiate" with him the date of the surgery, but he said that Easter is next week and after that he is full, so he would want to make the surgery on Friday (this was on Wednesday). "Okay, but...I'm not prepared, I don't have my clothes, my things, I came here just for an opinion..."

Long story short, the surgery was on Friday and the result from the histopathology during the surgery was that it's malignant. Then the surgeon cut until he had clear margins and he got out the lymph nodes too, 26 of them. None of the lymph nodes were affected. After that I waited for the result from IHC.

Until the results from IHC I managed to stay very optimistic, I knew tons of women with breast cancer who are alive and well. But then the results came and it was triple negative, with a Ki67 of 90%. And then the nightmare began.

I went to an oncologist who is the best in breast cancer in Germany. Before I had the IHC results, he said whatever those results were, we shall start with 4 x EC followed by 12 paclitaxel. After that I went in Milan, Italy, at the European Institute of Oncology, again, to a very good doctor, the Chief of European Breast Cancer Programme. Here I already had the results from IHC. They said triple negative and medullary. The oncologist in Milan said that he doubts that it is medullary, because he hadn't seen a pure medullary since 1986 and he wants the paraffin to be retested in Milan. Long story short, it is not medullary (that would have been a very good subtype of ductal). In Milan they said the same treatment: 4 x EC + 12 paclitaxel.

So...I came back to my country, had our wedding on May 28 (it was scheduled since last year), canceled the honeymoon, and on May 30, I started the first round of chemo.

I pray to God and hope everything will be okay. This should have been the time for honeymoon and for making babies, not for chemo, but...I just hope it will be okay eventually. I was very okay with chemo, no major side effects, no nausea...but that's not my problem. I can handle chemo, I can handle everything, as long as in the end I get to have a normal life and to live.

-- Joy777

The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily represent those of nor are they intended as a substitute for the medical advice of physicians.

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