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Hi, I'm Linda. Have been on this site since my triple negative diagnosis in February of 2009. Thought I knew so much about breast cancer but upon diagnosis quickly found out how little I really did in fact know. When my biopsy came in and I was informed I was 'triple negative' I was completely in the dark as I had never even heard of it. Of course I went home and Googled it for hours and hours and never stopped crying during my researching of this horrid, aggressive ugly disease. The feeling of dread and fear that became my daily companion, on top of my diagnosis and treatment, was something I often thought I could not bear - but I did - as we all do.

Seven years later, I am still here, and so very grateful for the healthy cancer-free years I have enjoyed and pray I continue to enjoy. I don't post much any longer - too busy living my life - but I always check in weekly, and should I ever read a post from someone that I might be able to help in some way, then I most certainly do. This forum held me up and carried me through such a dark time of my life - and like my new 'normal' - I could never live without it.

A million thanks to for giving hundreds of thousands of us the ability to hold each other's hands when it has been much needed.

-- LRM216, diagnosed triple negative in February 2009

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