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"Hello all. I am currently battling TNBC, was diagnosed 3/16/16, I am 36 years old. It took a little bit of time to get my medical team lined up and for the best treatment plan to be determined, but thank goodness my journey to recovery is on. My treatment began with a unilateral mastecomy 5/19/16 at Johns Hopkins Hospital and next treatment steps will be determined by the pathology results.

"I cannot agree more with the fellow warriors on the site on how important self-breast exams are. I discovered my lesion doing my monthly self-exam (I have an app on my phone that reminds me every month so I don't forget). The lesion was not picked up in mammograms, so ultrasound and an MRI were needed. As many of you did, upon being diagnosed, I did a ton of research and was ready for chemo and surgery as a start for treatment. However, even though my surgeon oncologist recommended neoadjuvant chemo to shrink the size of the tumor, my medical oncologist pushed back, explaining that it could not be determined with 100% certainty if chemo for my triple negative papillary carcinoma was necessary.

"Today, I am recovering from surgery and patiently waiting for the pathology results. I am staying positive as the most important part, getting the tumor completely out, is over. I trust my medical team (this is my first rodeo with BC but definitely not theirs), and find relief that they are treating me as an individual/unique case, as we all should be treated. I will let you guys know what happens next, I feel lucky to have found a site with such an active community to turn to for advice and support."

-- skdc, diagnosed triple negative in March 2016

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